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Rejection? Or persistence opportunity?

There’s a story circulating about a Maryland teen who has won a prize for creating a test that detects pancreatic cancer (among others). What I find most inspiring about this story, aside from the fact that he is 15 years old, is that he was turned down by 200 researchers before finding one that would allow him to test his theory in his lab.

There are times when all we need is that ONE opportunity to move into the life of our dreams. One interviewer to say yes so we can land that job. One yes to our marriage proposal. One smile so we feel confident enough to start a conversation with a stranger. One positive experience so we feel things are looking up.

But first, we might have to go through a lot of no’s. Sometimes the question is not whether we will EVER get a yes. Sometimes the question is whether we will quit BEFORE we get to the ONE YES.

Of course, there are times we need to fix things first. Tweak our interviewing skills or fix our resume. Get some additional experience or skills under our belt. Maybe we need to find a potential mate who is more aligned with who we are and what are values are. Maybe we need a few more social skills. Perhaps our suffering is due to some physiological problem rather than a negative outlook.

But assuming we’ve been taking care of the details all along, persistence is often the one thing we lack that makes all the difference between whether we will win or lose when it comes to living the life we want.

Next time you near a NO, ask yourself: Is this NO a rejection of me and my ideas, OR is it an opportunity for me to grow my persistence ability? And be honest about that answer. Sometimes not giving up is the action that will provide the YES we are looking for.


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