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Get your feet off the ground and fly!

I experienced a big break-through today in a yoga session when it came to bakasana (did you know I was a yogini?). I’ve had the upper body and core strength for years to do this pose, but have been unable to do it. What I lacked was confidence. After all, no one wants to fall on their face, right? So, I finally put a block under my head and ta-DA! Up went my feet, just like that. Now it’s simply a matter of muscle memory — remembering what it feels like — and I will soon be able to master this pose without the block.

Translate that to life: What do we have the ability/skill to do, but simply lack confidence for, and THAT is what is holding us back from success? Ponder that and then consider where you might find your confidence-boosting block so you can finally get your feet off the ground and fly.

Here are just a few examples of possible support blocks in real life:

  • Friends and/or family members who understand and support your goals. The understanding is very important, because without understanding they cannot truly support you, no matter how much they want to. And notice I said they understand and support your GOALS. Many times family and friends want to support US, but they have issues with our goals, or, more precisely, how we plan to accomplish our goals. For this reason they can sometimes become inadvertent stumbling blocks rather than support blocks. Make sure if you are enlisting family members and friends to support you that they are completely objective as well as supportive.
  • Teachers and mentors. Teachers and mentors are often wonderful sources of support. They have knowledge and perspective that we sometimes lack, due to our inexperience, and they are usually glad to share it. Because they have that experience they can, like family and friends, sometimes become a little stuck in a “take my route to success” way of thinking, so make sure your teacher/mentor is open to new ways of thinking and doing and can be as supportive to the path you want to take.
  • Support groups. There are tons of support groups available today, for both in-person  and online support. For anything from networking, career building, and entrepreneurship to parenting, dieting, and relationships, you can find a support group tailored to many of your tastes. Age, gender, religious and ethnic affiliations, location, activities, access, degree of expertise, and type of support available are just some of the ways support groups define themselves. Go ahead! Make some new friends while you build a support base for yourself. (Note that groups offering support may not be called “Support Group”, so cast a big net and be willing to look for names like “Network” or “Forum”. The name is different, but the basic purpose is the same.)

And, of course, don’t forget coaching! Like a personal trainer, a coach can tailor the content of your sessions to exactly what you most need to get the fastest, longest lasting results. Support is a huge part of what a coach offers. Cheering you on when it gets hard, offering tools and techniques as well as ideas when you get stuck, asking you the questions you need to get you thinking, inspiring you, challenging you — these are all ways a coach can support you.

Choose a support block or two, and get flying! Isn’t it time you got your feet off the ground, too?